Computer Vocabulary

Computer Vocabulary Computer Vocabulary Computer Vocabulary Quiz Computer vocabulary: cable external hard drive flash drive keyboard laptop monitor mouse printer speakers tablet

Colours Vocabulary

Colours Vocabulary Colours Vocabulary Colours Vocabulary Quiz Colours vocabulary: black shoes blue balloon brown handbag green leaf grey socks orange basketball purple sunglasses red cap white egg yellow lemon

Car Vocabulary

Car Vocabulary Car Vocabulary Car Vocabulary Quiz Car vocabulary: bonnet boot car seat door handle gear stick jump leads number plate steering wheel tyre wheel

Building Vocabulary

Building Vocabulary Building Vocabulary Building Vocabulary Quiz Building vocabulary: blinds block of flats curtains door entrance gate house lift stairs window

Bedroom Vocabulary

Bedroom Vocabulary Bedroom Vocabulary Bedroom Vocabulary Quiz Bedroom vocabulary: alarm clock bed bedside table chest of drawers coat hanger dressing table lamp pillow stool wardrobe

Kitchen Vocabulary

Kitchen Vocabulary Kitchen Vocabulary Kitchen Vocabulary Quiz Kitchen vocabulary: bowl cooker fork fridge kettle knife microwave plate spoon toaster

Bathroom Vocabulary

Bathroom Vocabulary Bathroom Vocabulary Bathroom Vocabulary Quiz Bathroom vocabulary: bathtub shampoo shower sink soap taps toilet paper toothbrush toothpaste towel

The Verb ‘to be’ (Present)

The Verb ‘to be’ (Present) The Verb ‘to be’ (Present) What is the verb ‘to be’ and how do we use it? The verb ‘to be’ is one of the most common verbs used in English.  However, it’s also one of the most difficult to learn and use properly. Many native English speakers have even…

Present Simple

Present Simple Present Simple Usage 1 Routines and repeated actions Positive:  subject + verb 1 You eat cake. Negative:  subject + don’t/doesn’t + verb 1 You don’t eat cake. Question:  do/does + subject + verb 1 Do you eat cake? Usage 2 Facts and generalisations Positive:  subject + verb 1 You know the answer. Negative:  subject + don’t/doesn’t…